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Rosa amenyx the dog reference (story changed) by sonicandsora25 Rosa amenyx the dog reference (story changed) by sonicandsora25
well, i guess it's time to make a new reference for my main fancharacter rosa! XD so after a loongg time i kinda missed this girl lol, i kinda miss drawing her and imagining her adventures so here she is! rosa is back with a fresh new reference!!

alright now here's some info about her so far (note: info may change later) EDIT : i changed her story since that her being the master emeralds appprentice didn't make any sense^^;

age : 15-16

species : dog (specifically akita, like hachiko)

fur color : orange and white

occupation : warrior of the imperial village

powers and abilities : enable to create and control water, enable to turn into water, sharp sense of smell (because she is a dog lol), a pretty good hearing, great agility

details of her powers : she also wears a bracelet with a magenta pink gems on it that is said to be able to enhance her powers, so that's why she can turn into water, and freeze stuff, and rosa usually use it as a shield to block enemy attacks.

weaknesses : poison (especially poison gas), electricity, colorblind (because she is a dog, and if this counts as a weakness), and also she's a little bit slow when it comes to running

likes : learning new things, helping others, causing mischief, relaxing, enjoying life, high places, and surprisingly, match making.

dislikes : her village in danger, chocolates, valentines day (she thought that it was boring), having nothing to do

type : well, because she's kinda slow at running (on a scale of 1 to 5 she is 2,5), and she can't fly, so she is definitely the power type, since that she makes up for it with her powerful water abilities

personalities : rosa has a mysterious and yet mischievous (mostly mischievious once you get to know her) personality, often seeks adventures and always willing to learn about the world that she is living in, rosa is never interested in any sorts of romance and only sees the boys as a great partner in both learning about their world and also some new knowledge about their fighting styles and others, so far rosa has never met sonic and always wonders who he is, the only characters she knows are the chaotix (vector, charmy, espio)

she is also quite selfless as she is always willing to help others in need, and she also has a very relaxed attitude even in a very intense battle, but she does have quite the temper when it involves her village, and her friends

rosa can also be a little bit oblivious to some certain situation and a little bit clueless but not stupid

rosa will turn serious when needed, despite her over relaxed personality

rosa can be pretty playful and friendly (especially towards children)

personality flaws : rosa can be a bit forceful and also her over relaxed personality sometimes annoy others, also when she lost her cool she seems to be a little bit reckless too, but sometimes regret it later.

her mischievous personality usually causes her to get into trouble, because sometimes the mischief (even though she never meant any harm with it) she cause can get too far, which usually gets her, (and the others she dragged into) into a trouble, also, once again she can be a pushover at certain times

STORY (i changed the story, a lot o.o and may still be updated) :

rosa was found in a basket as a baby by the villagers, and so they took her to the chief of the village and finally the chief decided to raise her like his own daughter and named her rosa amenyx (because from the word 'rise' or 'rose' where she reminded them of a dog named hachiko and they felt like through her hachiko has risen again, and also they added an amenyx for expressing their blessing since that amenyx came from the word amen (meaning : it will happen) and that time they were praying for a new warrior to help and protect the village)

the people then decided to train her as the warrior and protector of the village, and during her childhood, rosa discovered her new water powers and and after knowing this the people decided to help her to control her powers so she can use it wisely, and then the people gave her a pair of rings to her, and said that those rings are extremely rare to find and that it will help enhance her powers and those rings will make also a good shield, and so after she wears it the rings enhanced her powers that enables her to turn into water anytime she wants to, also to help her freeze the water that she creates, creating ice (duh), but she is still working on how to create soft fluffy snows even until now^^;

and as she grew up she became more curious about the outside world, and wonders if there are many other creatures like her, that's not human, and this question often makes her feel insecure

and one day when she was 10 years old, she met lynn and after discovering that they both are different from the rest of the villagers they soon became good friends and later as close as brothers and sisters adventuring together

and finally, when she is 16 years old, she has become the warrior of the imperial village, but even though she has a great responsibility, rosa still likes to cause mischief and sometimes gets into trouble (even though she meant no harm), causing some people to dislike her (even from the beginning)

but despite her great life, rosa often wonders alone in the night while staring at the stars, still thinking if there are other creatures like her, that's not human, but one day...

when she does this again on a night along with lynn, she asked him the very same question that always had been in her mind, and lynn answered "maybe, who knows" and asked her back why doesn't she go and find out, rosa then sadly sighed and said  that she can't she has a responsibility to protect the village, so she can't just neglect it just for a selfish reason, suddenly lynn said to her that she should go to find out, and that he would train really hard, so HE can take her place as the protector of the village while she was gone, but lynn also asked rosa to promise him that she would come back to the village once she has found the answer that she has been looking for...

and so after saying good bye to everyone (especially to lynn and the chief) rosa left to see if there are other creatures like her, and went to far away, until she saw the chaotix...
at first, they weren't on good terms since that rosa kinda pranked them due to curiosity (and because she wanted to have fun) but after they get to know each other, rosa and the chaotix finally became friends and as time pass by they got closer ...

to be continued

ALTERNATE story (yup this one is an alternate of how she met the chaotix):

she encountered the team chaotix trying to enter the village, and as a warrior, she first questions them, but after seeing that they do no harm, she got curious and was surprised to see creatures like her (not the same species as her, but not human either) and so after hearing their story she decided to help them to refresh themselves, provides a place for them to stay for a while, and shows them around the village, and as time past by the team and her got closer...

i will possibly make a comic about her and the chaotix

relationships with other characters :

espio : she has a friendly rivalry with him as they both are active in learning and fighting with new techniques, and they will often have a friendly spar, but rosa also sees him as a good friend too, although they are pretty much opposites since that rosa is playful while espio is serious, which often causes them to argue with each other, but finally made up later, rosa also likes to tease espio, A LOT.

vector : rosa sees him as a big brother and sometimes looks up to him and does what he said without paying attention to his intentions, this shows that rosa trust vector along with espio and charmy and believes that they are good, rosa also seems to be pretty curious about his shenanigans and is one of the few who isn't annoyed with it (thanks to her slightly clueless personality too).

charmy : rosa sees charmy as a little brother and likes to play along with his games, including pranking espio (but not too harsh), she and charmy also likes to play and enjoy each others company too

lynn : rosa and lynn shares a brother sister relationship as they are very very close and because both of them are different (rosa is well an unusual creature, while lynn is from a foreign place) both of them loves adventures too!

and after sometime she finally decided her to show them her secret place, where she usually likes to think or have an alone time, and in there they had a lot of fun and shared some stories about each other, and finally the team promised her that they will take her to see the world outside the village, where she can meet other people like her (that's not a human) and that they will have a great time ...

to be continued ...

possible quotes : "hmmm... you guys are interesting you know that?" rosa to team chaotix
                          "ahh... isn't this relaxing?" rosa to somebody when she and the others were falling from a  high place and was having a relaxed pose (seriously, she's that relaxed o.o)
                         "well, this is actually my secret place, but because you guys are special i decided to show it to you all!" rosa to team chaotix

"well that was useless..."
"ahaha, actually, this one is the first... RUN!!!" rosa when one of her mischiefs went wrong

fun facts : -little children in the village likes to call her puppy dog (especially a certain little girl named ming ming)
               -she doesn't like chocolate, she prefers red velvet
               -she is colorblind (due to her being a dog)
               -her design is inspired from hachiko
               -rosa has never met sonic or any of his friends ... yet (except for the chaotix, she only knows espio, charmy, and vector) and                     often ask about who sonic is

well, that's it for now, soo... hope you like it! and please comment!^^

EDIT : back in the old concept she has a final form, but this time i'm planning to remove it or to keep it ? i dunno yet... we'll see^^

by the way, this is her old reference :…

so once again, enjoy~ :)

rosa belongs to me

lynn's reference :…
sonicrules127 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
wow that is grate nice job :) (Smile) 
sonicandsora25 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
thx ^^ still working on her bio though
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